WordPress Admin Recover Plugin

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Is it safe?
This plugin is as safe as WordPress gets. Let me show you have safe it is – the secret word to create a administrator user for my private site, is “antfarm“. Give it a try, you will soon have created a new administrator user on my site! Not much use for you unless you know the username and password. That’s how safe it is.

Can this plugin be used to hack a site?
No. It can not.

Am I creating any security holes when installing this plugin?
No. This plugin only uses native Wordpress functions. It is completely safe.

Create a new administrator from the front end with a secret word
Set your own secret work
Set your own username and password
Hide the plugin from the plugin list
Rename the plugin in the menu
Show the plugin only to certain users
Hide plugin from all users
Wordpress >5.0

Install the plugin on your Wordpress site
Set up your secret word
Set up the username and password for the user that will be created
Choose if you want to hide the plugin from other logged in users
Sleep well.